Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is online giving secure?

In some ways online giving is safer than writing a check because an electronic gift cannot be lost or stolen. Additionally, ACS manages the security of the system from beginning to end. 

Q: What are the payment options for online giving?

You can give online by setting up withdrawals from your checking account by using your debit card or by giving with your credit card. However, we encourage you to use good judgment when using credit cards as we do not want to see you create credit card debt in order to make contributions to Easley First Baptist Church.

Q: May I set up a recurring gift?

Yes, you can choose from giving weekly, twice a month, monthly, quarterly, or twice a month.

Q: Can I change the amount or the frequency of my gift once I set it up?

Yes, you can change or cancel your contribution at any time before the date of your next contribution. Simply, log in to the system using your User ID and password and make the necessary changes.

Q: Is there any charge to me for using online giving?

No. You select the dollar amount of your gift and that is the dollar amount that will be deducted from your checking/credit card account.

Q: Can I see a record of my contributions online?

Yes. You will be able to view the complete history of your contributions. This includes both online giving and any other contributions you have made. Once you have created your User ID and password, you will be able to make a contribution immediately, however, for security reasons, before you can see any past contributions, we must manually match your online website account with your church database record (this matching is done daily so you should be able to see past contributions the day after you create a User ID and password). This is a one-time process when you initially create your account. After that, you can make donations and view your contribution history at any time.

Q: Will I still receive contributions statements from the church?

Yes. Each year you will receive either an email or printed statement from the church showing the prior year's contributions.

Q: When will I see contributions coming out of my bank account?

Typically, depending on processing times for your bank and the church's bank, the contribution should be taken from your account within 48 business hours from the date you requested online.

Q: How will I know that I have set up my contribution correctly?

Immediately after submitting your contribution, you will receive an email verifying your contribution.


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