Ideas for Small Group Service Projects

Fifteen ideas to inspire a group project:

  1. Light Up Your Neighborhood – Offer to replace light bulbs on porches in your neighborhood (give advanced notice).

  2. School Smart Service – Assist a school with whatever they might need (cleanup, weeding, landscaping, painting).

  3. A "Positive" Influence – Attend a local event (athletic, arts, etc.) and cheer! Provide free refreshments! Provide clean-up afterwards! You get the idea.

  4. Facelift – Identify a public eyesore, secure permission, and give the area a facelift (weeding, removing trash, etc.).

  5. Furniture Fix-Up – Locate unused furniture, fix it (tighten screws, refinish), and give it away (charity, specific person with a need). Or sell the furniture at our yard sale and donate the money to the Clean Water Project.

  6. Serving Those Who Serve – Do a free cookout for law enforcement, firefighters, sales clerks, restaurant servers, day-care providers, or whoever.

  7. Neighborhood Carwash – Need I say more?

  8. Welcome to the Neighborhood – Help people move into their new house or throw a dinner party – anything that will welcome people to the neighborhood.

  9. Block Party – Use the party wagon (inflatables, popcorn, snow cones) from the Piedmont Assoc. Add some folding chairs, a few umbrellas, yard games, and a grill – instant block party! Send invitations in advance.

  10. Gratis Lawn Service – Offer free lawn service to people who may not have the time or resources. Notify neighbors in advance that you'll be offering this service on April 20.

  11. School Meal Kits – Provide book-bags full of food. Many schools send food home over the weekend with needy students. Coordinate with your local school.

  12. Hospital Hospitality – Fix fun activity kits for people who have extended stays or put together bags of food items for the homeless who go to the ER (see ideas in Compassion Car Kits).

  13. Compassion Car Kits – Put together kits that are kept in the car and given to homeless folks you encounter on the road (Toothpaste; Toothbrush; Comb; Hard Candy; Gum; Soap; Travel-Size Shampoo; New Testament; $5 or $10 Gift Card to Cracker Barrel or Fast-Food Restaurant; Bottled Water).

  14. Serving Single Moms and Dads – Give the gift of a clean house to a single mom or dad.

  15. Quarter Laundry Service – Go to a local laundry mat and pay for people to do their laundry. Get to know them while you wait.

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